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EC Members of KSEA-San Diego Chapter


President: Jung Joo (JJ) Hwang (UCSD)       

Vice President/President Elect/NMSC chair: Sunghwan Cho (NanoCellect Inc.)         

Finance director: Jung Hyun Bu (UCSD)

Auditor: Daniel Won-Kyu Ju (UCSD)  

NMSC Math chair: Insoo Hwang (Qualcomm)
         Deputy chairs: Taeseok Oh (UCSD), Jonghyub Lee (Tensar Corp.), Kimoon Um (UCSD, Graduate)

NMSC Science Chair: Eunha Hoh (SDSU)    
         Deputy chairs: Eun Young Sung (Qualcomm), Wonjong Si (UCSD, Undergrad.)

Bioscience seminar chair: Jung Hyun Bu (UCSD)
         Deputy chair: Taeshin Kim (UCSD)

Membership director1: Jihyung Lee (UCSD)
Membership director2: Insoo Hwang (Qualcomm)

Young Generation director: Byung Kook Im (UCSD)    

Social network director: Sangyoon Han (Nexus Dx)

Business network director: Bo Ryu (EpiSys)        

Public relations committee chair: Jongdae Lee (UCSD)

Web manager: Insoo Hwang (Qualcomm)
         Deputy manager: Soyeon Park (Whova)     

Fundraising committee chair: Insung Kang (Qualcomm) 

Liaison Officers

Industry: Insung Kang (Qualcomm), Youngin Oh (SeekTech), Veronica Kang (ACT BioAlliances)   

Research: Gye Won Han (TSRI), Jaemyoung Suh/Sungsoon Fang (Salk), Chang-Ki Oh (Sanford‐Burnham)


Membership Drive Committee: Devise plans to recruit new members and propose the budget to implement the plans.

Chair: Jihyung Lee (UCSD)

         Deputy chair: Taeseok Oh (UCSD)

Engineers membership director: Hyukjune Chung (Qualcomm)

Women membership director: Eunha Hoh (SDSU)      

Post-docs membership director: Hong Kim (UCSD), Chang-Ki Oh (Sanford Burnham)

KGSA president: Kimoon Um (UCSD, Graduate)

KGSA vice president: Taeseok Oh, Seongcheol Choi, Hyungsuk Kim, Jong-hyuk Lee, Hyo Jung Yoon, Hyun cheol Chung (UCSD, Graduate)

YG president: Wonjong Si (UCSD, Undergraduate)

YG vice president: Ji Yun So, Jong Seong Lim (UCSD, Undergraduate)


Public Relations Committee: Devise plans to communicate with other Korean community organizations including media outlets.

Chair: Jongdae Lee (UCSD), Deputy: Sangyoon Han (Nexus-Dx)

Webmaster/Webmanager of KSEA-SD


Fund Raising Committee: Devise plans to raise funds to support the chapter activities, as well as Dr. Jinchoon Kim Memorial scholarship.

Chair: Insung Kang (Qualcomm), Deputy chair: Jongdae Lee (UCSD)

Members: Yongkyoon In, Gye Won Han, Jason Yi, Hee‐Koo Moon, Higgin Ko, Young‐Hwan Kwon, Yungmo Kang, Daniel Won-Kyu Ju, Hangbok Choi, Youngin Oh


Former SD Chapter Presidents Committee: Devise plans to communicate with former presidents and current president group (15th) to support KSEA-SD.

Chair: Daniel Won-Kyu Ju (UCSD), Deputy chairs: Jason Yi, Jongdae Lee (UCSD)

Members: Jinchoon Kim (1st), Wongil Choi (2nd), Jason Yi (3rd), Heekoo Moon (4th), Tewon Lee (5th), Yongwon Kim (6th), Gyewon Han (7th), Higgin Ko (8th), Younghwan Kwon (9th), Insung Kang (10th), Jongdae Lee (11th), Yongkyoon In (12th), Sanghee Yoo (13th), Won-Kyu Ju (CP, 14th), Jung-Joo Hwang (CP, 15th), Sunghwan Cho (VP, 15th), Jung Hyun Bu (FD, 15th)