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Your KSEA Membership Status
Please update your address if changed and pay your membership dues if overdue. Your membership dues support your chapter. Call KSEA(or email to for spelling of your name and your ID if in doubt.
KSEA Membership Dues
- Fiscal Year: July 1 - June 30
- Regular Members: $35
- Undergraduate Students: No Membership Fee
KSEA Membership Registration
- Click here to apply online
- Click here to download the Membership Application Form
Member Benefits
Members can participate in numerous KSEA activities or events some of which are listed as follows:

- Annual meeting & technical conference
- KSEA Awards
- Scholarships
- Job referrals
- Leadership development through committee and conference organization
- Networking with other Korean-American scientists and engineers
- Young Generation programs
- Publication of KSEA Letters
- Web and email service
- Topical symposia/workshops
- Opportunities for community service
- Office use at KSEA HQ office while in D.C. area